Menstrual irregularity in a woman can happen because of a number of reasons and Endometriosis is one such reason. It is a symptom that can result in severe discomfort and acute pain if not treated well or the surgery is done in due time.

So, in this article, we are going to talk about Endometriosis, the symptoms, surgery, and Endometriosis surgery recovery time that a body needs in order to be healed completely. So, let’s roll the intro.

Endometriosis – A Brief

Well! It is quite a known fact that the uterus section has three linings of tissues and muscles in it namely Endometrium, Myometrium, and the Perimetrium. So, when the innermost layer of these linings which is called the Endometrium grows in the outside section of the womb, Endometriosis occurs. It is a serious disorder in which adhesions or internal scar tissue may occur and this can ultimately result in the dislocation of internal organs. No! These are not just random names. The formation of Endometriosis is severely painful indeed especially when a woman is going through her menstruation days. You would be surprised to know that there are many women who suffer from Endometriosis yet do not show symptoms whereas many women suffer from severe incessant discomfort.

Many women often wonder why period becomes painful during Endometriosis. Well! Here is an explanation. Actually, the behavioural pattern of Endometrial cells does not change much. Naturally, as time passes by, these cells start swelling and as more time passes by, these cells bleed as well. During this condition, a few of the Endometrium cells shed during the menstruation cycle and also drop inside the ovaries and fallopian tubes. All these things only make the periodic cycle more painful. Women who suffer from Endometriosis face difficulties in conceiving as well.

Symptoms of Endometriosis

It is an interesting fact to know that the symptoms of Endometriosis are not similar for every woman. It would be wrong to measure the severity of the problem from the discomfort level; rather, it is better to determine the symptoms by checking the reach and the location of the tissues and the affected organs at the same time. So, Dr Gopalan Poovalingam always suggests going for a thorough check up if you have even a few of the following symptoms. Here is a list of symptoms that are commonly observed among women.

  • Excessive pain during menstruation
  • Severe pain felt during intercourse
  • Pelvic and abdominal pain but not triggered by menstruation
  • An irregular period flow that is accompanied by severe clothing and heavy bleeding
  • Irregular bowel function that includes painful bowel movements, diarrhoea, bleeding, and constipation especially during menstruation
  • Problems with fertility
  • Frequent urination and discomfort felt while urinating
  • Syndrome of a premenstrual cycle
  • period Pain radiates to legs or thighs

In fact, Endometriosis can also cause emotional turbulence which is pretty inevitable. While the same bodily discomfort keeps repeated every month, anxiety and depression arrive naturally.

Why Endometriosis Must Be Diagnosed Early?

As we stated earlier that the Endometrium cells shed, but it is impossible for the body to eject or stop those shedding. So naturally, lesions form. It has been often found that the lesions appear within the pelvic cavity. These lesions can also form inside the bladder, lungs, exterior part of the uterus, brain, and inside the bowel too. If a woman overlooks the Endometriosis diagnosis and treatment, then after a point in time, the damage would become so severe that in some cases, there would not be any point to return. There have been a number of cases where women have experienced severe pain right form their first menstrual cycle, yet they overlooked the matter by calling it natural. And of course! This myth never worked and eventually, it leads them to sever fertility problems. And thus, Dr Gopalan Poovalingam always suggests women do the diagnosis and the treatment before it is late.

Endometriosis Surgery – Fundamentals

There are many ways to treat Endometriosis. in most cases, the patient symptoms especially when it is early, can be improved by medications like hormonal pills/device. However, when the surgery is indicated, the expert surgeons always make sure that they have removed the lesions and also the scarring properly.

For endometriosis cases, there are 4 ways that the surgery can be done.

  • Laparoscopic surgery which is actually an invasive technique to remove affected tissues, cysts, and adhesions by doing a small incision. Dr G Poovalingam almost exclusively utilize this approach for his endometriosis cases. This technique leads to faster recovery,reduced complications, less painful and better cosmetically too.
  • Laparotomy is a traditional way doing surgery. It involves an open technique (large incision at lower part of tummy) to remove those unwanted tissues and cysts.
  • Bowel resection is such a medical procedure that is only done when the bowel section gets affected severely in Endometriosis. Colorectal surgeons normally perform these surgeries. Dr G works closely with the colorectal surgeon if the need arises.
  • Laparoscopic Hysterectomy which is also known as a Key-hole surgery. It is performed when you do not want to conceive in the future, where your quality of life is getting affected by the disorder, and also when the other surgeries fail.

Once the surgery is done, it would be wrong to state any particular Endometriosis surgery recovery time. The reason is that the recovery time depends and varies a lot. It is entirely dependent on the affected person and her lifestyle. Generally, it can take from one week to several weeks to get back to the normal routine and shape.

Lastly, if you find the symptoms familiar with Endometriosis, do not waste a single moment. Just make an appointment with Dr G. He is experienced and skilled enough to diagnose the problem. Come and experience how the latest technological progress in medical science can heal you.