Dr G is a Melbourne-based Gynaecologist who specialises in Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery (Keyhole Surgery), Hysteroscopy, and Urogynecology.

Dr. Gopalan Poovalingam

MBBS, Masters in Obs-Gyn, FRANZCOG

Advanced Gynaecologist, Pelvic Reconstructive and Advanced Laparoscopic Surgeon

It cannot be denied that gynaecological problems are a tremendous burden for the modern woman. Millions of women suffer from life-disrupting reproductive and urogynecological disorders each year, yet only a portion of them turn to a gynaecologist for treatment. This reluctance is due to a number of reasons, ranging from an inability to give up the time required to recover from open surgery, to fear of medical intervention – or just sheer embarrassment over the personal nature of the problem.

If you are one of these women suffering in silence, we have good news for you:

  • Dr G is a gynaecologist who specializes in urogynaecology issues (vaginal prolapse and urinary incontinence) and minimal invasive surgery (advanced laparoscopic surgery / keyhole surgery). He practices the Rapid Recovery Gynaecological Surgery (RRGS) program. In fact, his team of specialists is only one of a handful to do so in Melbourne. His familiarity and expertise with keyhole surgery means that you will have a shorter period of hospitalisation to undergo, less post-surgical pain and discomfort, a faster recovery period, and a low chance of developing complications. These advantages are extremely beneficial to working women and young mothers since both categories of women tend to see open surgery as unfeasible.
  • You have very little to fear. With recent and rapid advances in medical science, strides made to fine-tune the potential of medical technology, and our ever-growing understanding of the human body, complications in keyhole surgery are few and far between. Moreover, Dr G specialises in advanced laparoscopic surgery. With over a decade’s worth of experience in general gynaecological and urogynaecological problems, as well as a team comprising specialists from multiple fields, your case will be approached in the best way possible. You will be in capable and competent hands.
  • You have no reason to be embarrassed. Whether your problem is a matter of incapacitation or just inconvenience, it is shared by thousands of women across the world. Dr G is a seasoned gynaecologist who deals with hundreds of these cases every year. He understands your problems and fears – you will have nothing to be embarrassed about during your consultation.

As a gynaecologist, Dr G knows how the quality of your life can suffer if these problems are left untreated. Symptoms like excessive vaginal bleeding, pelvic pain, urinary incontinence, vaginal prolapse, bowel dysfunctions, infertility and painful intercourse can have a debilitating effect on your daily life, your relationships, and your self-esteem. Yet all of these problems can be treated through a number of conservative or advanced approaches. These include medication, behaviour modification, lifestyle changes and minimal invasive surgery (vaginal or laparoscopy approach).

So if you are experiencing any type of gynaecological problem, don’t hesitate to take it to Dr G. Make an appointment with him today.

With access to cutting-edge medical equipment, knowledge that reflects the latest discoveries in medical science, and training in advanced methods, he will be able to treat your condition successfully – allowing you to seize control of your life once more.